How success with a recent client shows the impact of homeownership.

Today I am excited to tell you about a recent transaction that went very well, and how you can follow in that client’s footsteps. 

I met this client in 2011, and back then she was facing some credit challenges, so I educated her on what she could afford and what she needed to do. This client was very diligent and hardworking, and she fixed those credit challenges. She met back up with me in 2013 and was able to buy a nice condo that she was very happy with for $113,000. 

Then just recently, she reached back out to me because she was ready to sell that condo. Since 2013, prices have gone up dramatically, especially in today’s crazy market. Also, the condo was in great condition, and she had it looking very nice and ready to go. Those things put her in a great position. 

“There is a lot of power in homeownership.”

We got multiple offers in just a few days. We listed the condo for $260,000 and sold it for $295,000. We were both ecstatic! She had a great nest egg to take with her to her next destination. 

This client was able to make that much because she invested in real estate. The purchase put her in a great equity position for her next move! This is why my team and I stress the importance of homeownership, as we believe there is a lot of power in it. Also, it’s better than renting and paying someone else’s mortgage without building any equity. 

If you aren’t a homeowner yet, we would love to get you into a great position to start building that long-term wealth. If you are a homeowner, we would love for you to encourage those around you to buy. Whoever it is, know that my team and I are here to help. Call or email us anytime!