How being innovative and ahead of the curve has helped my business thrive.

When the internet first opened up, I saw an opportunity and thought it was really innovative, so I got out there early and started a website. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing at first, but I learned over time, and I started getting leads from it. I remember that within 60 days of getting a website, I had a lead from it. I closed that transaction, and the commission covered the cost of my website. I was fired up, and I knew that this was the way of the future, so I tried to pour everything I could into being on the internet.

“You shouldn’t stay comfortable with your situation.”

When social media came along, I jumped on that early as well. I knew that if the internet was this helpful, then social media would be great as well. It’s innovative, and it allows you to be competitive. I’ve always done things that were new, innovative, and a little outside the box in order to stay relevant.

You shouldn’t stay comfortable with your situation. To me, being comfortable is like dying. You need to be on the cutting edge and looking for the next thing. When things start to get easy and you aren’t facing any challenges, you need to find a new mountain climb and regain that drive to innovate.

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