Why it still makes sense to invest in rental properties in Columbus.

Our real estate market is changing so is it still a good idea to invest in property in the Columbus area? 

In our opinion, absolutely. Columbus is still one of the top 15 hottest real estate markets in the country, yet prices remain relatively affordable. On top of that, Ohio is a very landlord-friendly state, unlike places like California. 

The only negative is that repair costs might be a little high. While labor costs are evening out, materials are still scarce. However, it is definitely worth it to purchase in our area. Rents have increased by 20% to 25% in the last few years, and there’s no reason to believe those prices are going down. 

If you want to avoid high rents by purchasing a home, or if you want to buy a fantastic investment property, call or email us. We are always willing to help!