Today I’m with Dianna Silver of Home Warranty of America to talk about how home warranty coverage can benefit a home seller.

A home warranty actually adds a ton of value to your home when you go to sell it. It helps buyers realize that you care about what is inside the home. It also protects the appliances and systems within the house, including your fridge, furnace, washer and dryer, etc. All of these items are covered under Home Warranty of America’s seller’s listing coverage at a cap of $1,500.

What is this going to cost sellers? Nothing. It’s complimentary for everyone that lists their home with us. There is also an optional $50 fee to cover your heating, cooling, and ductwork. If a person decides not to move forward with the warranty or convert it to the buyer, no money is due even if a claim is made.

“A home warranty is a big help to homebuyers in their transitional period.”

Once the property closes and things move forward, the cost of repairs is going to depend on what plan you decide to offer. Generally, a seller pays for the warranty. The best coverage is in the diamond plan, which includes things like replacing old appliances for $575. There are also plans that cost $450 and $525.

A home warranty can really assist a seller in that transitional period. It helps relieve some of that stress.

Thanks so much to Dianna for joining us and answering our questions. If you have any other questions for her, you can give her a call at (614) 286-6159 or email her at If you have any real estate-related questions in the meantime, we’re just a phone call or email away and we’re always here to answer them.