Selling your home is an exciting time, but making one of these four critical mistakes could derail the transaction quickly. Here’s what you need to avoid.


Here are four mistakes that you should avoid when selling your home:

1. Overpricing. It’s important to set a competitive price. If you overprice your home, it’s just going to sit there. 

2. Neglecting maintenance. Make sure everything is in tip-top shape and necessary repairs are made to help the property show in its best light.

3. Not hiring a professional. A real estate professional knows what’s happening in the market, how to market your property, and how to ensure that it appeals to buyers.

“Overpriced homes don’t sell.”

4. Staying in the home while buyers are walking through it. If buyers are coming in to see your home, allow them to have private time to be comfortable. We can take it from there, and when homeowners are present it can turn buyers off.

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